Before I start the real stuff I want you to know about me.

HI. My name is Mia. I love cats and funny videos. I also like making games on a website called Scratch.

This is a picture of my cat Ninja.

This is a picture of me.

This is my cat ninja

this is me when I was little

I love to bike.

CATS ARE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                      I like Fortnite,  of course.

Fortnight is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you hear about the Fortnight video challenge !!!!!

the cookbook that I use is great!

All right, enough chit chat about me. Do you think I started this website to talk about my self?


Stuff to do when you are bored.

 the following paragraphs and videos will be about helping people learn to do the fun things that I do when I am bored.


        Cooking is not only fun but it is a skill you will need in the real world. Cooking is so fun! Cooking is easy to do and it is fun mixing the stuff, grilling, using a pan, and using an oven! Cooking is easy as pie! ( heh heh) It may take practice  but onec  you have the basics down it is soooooo easy. Cooking tastes great. The best part about cooking is that when your done you have a treat ready to be eaten. All in all cooking is GRAET!!!!!!!!!!!!  

this is the best cookie receipt ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!